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Crisco All Vegetable Shortening (1.36kg)

Crisco All Vegetable Shortening (1.36kg)


Great for baking and frying.  50% less saturated fat than butter

For a delicious Crisco buttercream recipe check out their website:

Soybean Oil, Fully Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Palm Oil, Mono And Diglycerides, TBHQ And Citric Acid (Antioxidants).
Product Claim Information

50% Less Saturated Fat than Butter.
Crisco: 3.5g Saturated Fat per tablespoon
Butter: 7g Saturated Fat per tablespoon
Crisco contains 12g total fat per serving.

Excellent source of ALA Omega-3 fatty acid. Contains 710mg of ALA per serving, which is 44% of the 1.6g Daily Value for ALA.

0g Trans Fat per serving.

Not intended for use as a spread.

See Nutrition Information for Fat and Saturated Fat content.

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