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Wafer Paper - Tips, Tricks & Nutritional Information

Wafer images are thin layers of edible paper.  They have a slight vanilla taste and will blend with whatever surface they are applied to or can be bent or manipulated to stand upright on surfaces such as fondant or buttercream.  Once printed and dried their colour doesn’t run so they can be placed on top of cocktails and coffees.  They can easily be cut with clean, dry kitchen scissors.



Your wafer sheet packaging has been heat sealed for freshness. Please keep your images in this bag until you need to use it and store in a cool, dry place, face up and out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.  Please use within 3 months from the date you receive it or by the date on the bag.

It is important to ensure edible images are always kept in an air-tight bag to prevent drying out or absorbing moisture in humid conditions.

For best results store at less than 25 degrees and relative humidity 60-70%.  Keep flat and sealed in an airtight container.  Only use clean dry hands and equipment until they are placed on cake or drink.

Wafer sheets can be put in the fridge once applied to a cake, but pantry storage is fine until this time.


When applying your wafer topper to a cake or cupcake simply place it on the fresh buttercream, or you can carefully bend the topper like paper (in the example of wafer butterflies).

Alternatively, they can be applied to liquids such as cocktails and coffees.  They work better when there is a creamy/foamy head.  Please note when you place the topper on the drink, it will begin to curl.  Give it up to 30 seconds to flatten out or encourage it with a clean DRY hand.  Drink toppers should be applied immediately before serving.

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