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Edible Images - Tips, Tricks & Nutritional Information

Edible images are thin layers of icing that have been applied to a flexible plastic backing sheets.  They have a slight vanilla taste and will blend with whatever surface they are applied to. They peel away very easily from the clear backing sheet (please keep on the backing sheet until you are ready to use it).  They can easily be cut into various sizes with scissors or a cake decorating scalpel (see application for more information).


Your edible images has been heat sealed for freshness. Please keep your image in this bag until you need to use it and store in a cool, dry place, face up and out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.  Please use within 3 months from the date you receive it.

It is important to ensure edible images are always kept in an air tight bag to prevent drying out or absorbing moisture in humid conditions. They must be stored flat, with the backing sheet side down. Do not store in the refrigerator.


Always handle your printed icing sheets with care, using clean dry hands. If you need to cut your edible image do so while it is still on the backing sheet.  Icing sheets should peel very easily from the backing sheet.  If you have any troubles separating the image from plastic, particularly after cutting them out, place them into the freezer for a minute (do not freeze) and they could come right off.

For best results apply the icing sheet to a level surface. They can be applied to buttercream, fondant, royal icing and even ice cream. Before the topping has had time to form a crust (as in the case of buttercream) lower the icing sheet onto the topping starting at the middle and working outward, gently smooth using your hands or a small roller. If the butter cream has formed a crust then spray with a fine mist of water before application.

When applying image to buttercream do so the day of the event as they do not like moisture or refrigeration.  We recommend, where possible, to back your images with a thin layer of fondant. 

To apply to harder toppings such as fondant, royal icing and marzipan use a fine spray mist of water, or similar before application. 

When cutting out cupcake toppers we recommend rolling out some fondant to the size of the A4 sheet, applying a fine mist of water or use a brush to apply.  Stick the whole sheet to the fondant and use a metal cutter to press through both.  Allow to harden a little before applying to the cupcakes.

We do not recommend placing icing sheets directly onto whipped cream due to the high moisture content, which will be absorbed by the icing sheet and impact the quality of the image. If you wish to apply the edible image to whipped cream, apply to a thin layer of fondant or white chocolate first, to act as a barrier between the cream and the icing sheet.

Cutting them out quickly!

If you are planning to back them with fondant there is a super quick way to cut them out! Check out our YouTube video...


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