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Dapper Wrapper Edible Image Topper Pricing

The base price for edible images are $13.55 collected from us in Baldivis.  Priority orders will incur an additional fee. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information.

The toppers are $13.55 for all A4 sheets including, full sheets, 8", 7", 6" or cupcakes (standard or minis). However, please note the quantity of variations may incur additional fees.  

A $13.55 topper is based on, up to a maximum of 6 different images. If you'd like more variations or extra images they are $1 per different image.  There are no reduced charges for only 1 image.

This also applies to A4 sheets with image "elements".  Logos and characters for example that are then cut out (by you) and applied to cakes.  A4 sheets are $13.55 with up to 6 images then $1 for each additional image.  

All images will need to be approved before printing.  Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information regarding your responsibilities in ensuring the images are correct and accurate, and are approved in a timely manner.

A timely manner means a reasonable amount of time for us to be able to produce the topper in reasonable business hours.  For example, if you are sent a design mid week and you approve it on a Saturday morning, wanting to collect it on the same day, it would incur a weekend priority charge and the total cost would now be $16.95, IF we are available to print.  If you want additional things added to the topper that are outside of the original scope, the price would now be $20.


DIY Edible Images

If you'd like to design your own sheet and email to me for printing, the above image limitations do not apply as you are doing the work.

Please note, however, you take on responsibility of the image being correct.  Any issues with sizing, wrong images, wrong sheet, image being cut off because it's outside the printable margins or ink drag lines as the page hasn't been set up correctly or considered the right layout, will all be your responsibility.  

Please request a template and guide to help you through some hot tips for the best topper designing and therefore printing! 

Please note, if you need these printed as a priority, additional charges will apply.  See our Terms & Conditions for further information.


Edible Image Sizes

Please note, none of our sheets are pre-cut, and this isn't a service we offer.  It does allow us though, the flexibility to keep our prices low and to get the size exactly right for you!

 Size Suitable for Quantity on the page
20 cm/8" round Larger cakes
Larger Cheesecake Shop cakes
17.78 cm/7" round Larger cake 1
15.24 cm/6" round Coles/Woolies Cakes &
Smaller Cheesecake Shop cakes
Shop Ice-cream cakes
7 cm round Large cookies 6 per page
6 cm round Cookies 12 per page
5 cm round Large cupcakes/muffins 15 per page
4 cm round Standard Cupcakes 24 per page
3.8 cm round Small Standard/Large Mini 30 per page
3.2 cm round Mini cupcakes 35 per page