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Dapper Wrapper Cut Card Topper Pricing

The base price for cut card toppers are $10-12 collected from us in Baldivis.  Priority orders will incur an additional fee. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information.

The base price varies depending on complexity.  For example a simple image or word topper that doesn't have lots of words/images/elements may be $10 but where it gets more complicated/bigger etc, it could start at $12. Why?  The more complex the topper the more chance it is that something will go wrong and that I will need to recut, therefore taking on the extra risk of a complex topper I charge a little more but will ensure your topper is beautiful and recut as many times as needed to get it right!

Conversely, at my discretion based on something very simple or where lots of items are being ordered at one time, I may reduce the price below $10.

For every additional material (for example a different colour card or different material) used the price will be generally plus $2 up to around $18 then at my discretion, the price will flatten out.  

Toppers that require much more detailed work, for example if every single letter was to be cut out separately and applied to a topper, it may incur an additional work charge of up to 50 cents per letter. I will make sure that this is all explained when I send the design and no work will commence if you haven't agreed to it.  I can also work well within your budget so let me know and I can give you options!

All toppers will need to be approved before I start work.  Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information regarding your responsibilities in ensuring the images are correct and accurate.  

Base price for 1 material (standard/simple) $10
Base price for 1 material (complex/lots of words/letters) $12
Additional materials $2 ea



Please see our Materials collection for our selection of cards currently available. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you can't see the shade or material you'd like...