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Cake Wraps


Who remembers doing maths in high school, all like, pft, I’m never gonna use all of this!  Why would I need to learn pi? ( you see where I'm going with this...)

As it turns out, while I didn’t end up making pies, it is 
actually useful when measuring the length you'll need your cake wrap to be, to go all the way around the cake.

So when you need to figure out the length you take the cake size, lets say 6" for example.  If you are putting buttercream around the cake you need to account for the size because ½” thickness actually equals 1.57”(4 cm) so if you don’t include it at the start, you can quite literally be left short. 

Once you have your cake width (6" is our example) plus 1 (1/2” thickness all the way around), then you multiply by 3.14.  Or, if you want to feel like a rocket scientist grab a scientific calculator (or turn your iphone on the side) and use this formula:

     Cake width + 1 (buttercream) x pi =

So, for a 6” cake you’d press:

     6 + 1 x 3.14 = 9.14”

Then then want to convert it to cm multiply by 2.54:

    9.14 x 2.54 = 23.21 cm

So you’ll need your wrap to be 23.21 cm to go all way around.

If your brain is hurting, don’t worry we’ve put it into a cool table for you, or
 just message us about your next cake wrap and we can help you figure it out!

Full disclosure, wraps are for cakes not pies!

And kids, keep up with the good school work because you probably WILL need it!