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Stuff augmented reality - Give me a delicious one!

Vanessa Meloy

Hi Dapper Decorators!

I don't know about you, but my Facebook page has been bombarded about stories of the new craze, Pokemon Go.  

Now, I don't know much about Pokemon, but I do know 2 things: Firstly people are going crazy for it and secondly, their shapes are really compatible with CUPCAKES!

So with that in mind, I set out today to try and make my own Pokemon ball and monster!  

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Red & White "Monster Ball"

Roll out your white fondant and use a cutter the same sized diameter as your cupcake.

Using buttercream or ganache stick your fondant to your cupcake.

Roll out your red fondant and using the same cutter as you did for the white fondant, cut another circle.  Using the same sized cutter, cut slightly higher so you have a pointy football shape.

Using sugar glue stick your football shape to the white fondant on your cupcake.

Now roll out some black fondant.  It doesn't need to be much as you are just cutting a slim band with the same sized cutter that you used for the white and red fondant.

Stick the black band to your cupcake, just under the red shape.


Using the left over black fondant cut out a small circle.  Push the edges out slightly using your thumb or finger (you want it ever so slightly bigger than the white circle we are about to cut)


Cut out a white circle and using sugar glue stick to your black fondant. Stick the disc you have just made onto the cupcake in the middle of the black band.  Using the blunt end of a tool (from your kit or even your utensils draw) give the white disc a slight indent.




Pokemon Monster

Right, so I found this little guy on google and thought I'd give him a shot.  The great thing with Pokemon is that there are so many cute monsters you can try!

We start with some white fondant with a touch of ivory and yellow Wilton colouring gel for his body and a teal Wilton colouring gel for his head, arms and legs.

From here, roll out the tan fondant and cut out a circle the same diameter as your cupcake.

Using a edible FoodWrite pen, draw his belly markings on him.

From here, divide the teal fondant into 5 balls.  1 larger and 4 small (roughly even sized) balls.

By hand, mould the shape of his head which is quite rounded the top, flatfish at the bottom and overall hill-like. Using your finger or thumbs, make some little indents for his eyes.


Here I have used a mixture of cutters and hand shaping to get his eye shape right.  I didn't get this right the first time, so just play with it until it looks right.


Note: to get the pinky purple for his eyes I mixed purple Bakels fondant, red Bakels fondant and white Bakels together (tiny tiny amounts) - but you could use gel or what ever you have on hand.

Just work these bits of fondant in with your fingers to make the smoother.  When ready, repeat with a tiny amount of white. Use a Wilton Foodwrite pen for his eyebrows, mouth and nostrils.

 Shape the arms by hand and using a small tool/knife cut some little fingers for him.


Similarly with the legs, use a knife or small pallet tool to bend his feet up and make some toes.

Attach to his body with sugar glue. If, like me, they are a bit heavy, you can use some tools to prop them up until they dry, or you can use some pasta (poke them into the cupcake and use as a support).  SAFETY NOTE: Never use toothpicks as children may accidentally eat!

So, if your kid has their head down in their phone looking at an augmented reality these school holidays, maybe you can entice them into real world (be it just for a few minutes) to try some Pokemon cupcakes - or maybe get them in the kitchen to make their own little cupcake critter!  I would love to see everyones creations so please upload your photos to Facebook and Instagram using the tag #dapperdecorator and you'll go in the running to win a great prize for June!

Happy Decorating



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