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Adventure Time Cupcakes - Finn The Human

Vanessa Meloy

Adventure Time Characters - Finn The Human



Finn The Human




  1. Colour some of your fondant in ivory (flesh colour) and a very small amount in black. Keep some fondant white.


  1. Roll out a small amount of white and ivory fondant (use some cornflour to stop the fondant sticking to the bench/cutting mat)


  1. Using the circle cutter that matches the size of your cupcake cut a piece of white fondant and ivory. Place the piece of ivory fondant onto your cupcake using icing, buttercream or jam to stick it to the cake. Smooth with your hand or a fondant smoother.


  1. Using a small oval cutter, make a cut in the white fondant as shown. Dab a small amount of edible glue on the ivory fondant, then place the white piece (with oval cut out) on top of the ivory fondant.



  1. Take a tiny piece of black fondant and roll a mouth shape between your fingers. Using edible glue, put it on the ivory part of Finn’s face:



  1. Finally, put two black sugar pearls in place for Finn’s eyes and you’re done!



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Download a free PDF worksheet with pictures!





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