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The Secret to Perfect Buttercream!

Vanessa Meloy

This time of year is just right for buttercream.  Because of the cream, a WA summer just doesn’t lend its hand to the perfect buttercream.  Soo…. Now is the time to crack out your piping tips, fire up your mixer and fluff up that buttercream.  And we’ve got the perfect place to start…


The Perfect Recipe

My preferred buttercream is always a scratch recipe and my favourite is in the Wilton Beginners Guide.  I do, however, use cream instead of milk (at room temp… we’ll come back to this) scale it up a bit more because who would only ever need only 3 cups of buttercream – so try doubling the mixture for a batch of 24 cupcakes.  The cream component also needs to be adjusted depending on the weather.  If it is a cold day, add a bit more cream as your buttercream will be too stiff to pipe.


The Perfect Ingredients

Most buttercream recipes call for a vegetable shortening.  I tend to use Copha as I like the taste (takes me back to my chocolate crackle days), however, it can be hard to mix.  I tend to take it out of the fridge the night before use, however, in our colder weather it just doesn’t soften enough to use nicely.  You can try microwaving but ensure you drop the power right down, otherwise your Copha will turn to pure liquid and wont blend nicely with your cream. 

A good alternative is a shelf stable shortening such as Crisco.  It has less saturated fat than butter and it is softer than copha and tastes delicious.  Crisco also has its own recommended buttercream recipe – check it out here!...  That’s handy!


The Perfect Temperature

So temperature is everything.  You need to get all of your ingredients to room temperature otherwise your buttercream will split and will be un-savable!


The Perfect Time Saver

Now, if you don’t have time to make your own from scratch, or the prospect of getting it right is too much, we now have 2kg Bakels buttercream in stock which is shelf stable!  That means you can keep it in the pantry for months…  then after opening it is good for 21 days in the fridge.  It is truly delicious and will easily pipe a whole cake or dozens of cupcakes!


The Perfect Stand-by

If 2kg is too much buttercream we have 425g tubs of Cake Art shelf stable buttercream.  The great news is it is both dairy free and gluten free.  This small tub is perfect for sticking details onto cakes or cupcakes, and especially our amazing edible images.  It also pipes well in our winter months.  It is pure white which makes it easy to colour and you can add delicious flavours.  This 425 g tub is handy in your pantry and super convenient.  If 425g isn't enough, you can also special order 2kg tub!

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