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How to fill your cupcake cases perfectly every time!

Vanessa Meloy

When I was at Stockland Baldivis shopping centre just before Christmas one of the most frequent questions I got asked was how high do I fill the cupcake patty case with batter?

The truth is, there is no right or wrong amount to put in (unless you overfill it past 2/3 full in which case… that’s wrong…). The main thing to remember is they should all be as even as possible without overfilling. Depending on the type of cupcakes you’re creating, sometimes you want a nice flat naked cupcake to start with, and sometimes a bit of a pop top will help your creation.

Also be aware that depending on your recipe or packing mix the cupcakes may rise more or less than the last lot you did.

Now that I have disappointed you with no definite answer, the good news is that there are some gadgets to help you get your cupcake batter even. This week, I am comparing two great products; The Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser and the Wilton Scoop It Batter Spoons.


The Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser is a really quick and easy gadget to use. Using a nice big disposable piping bag (18 or 22 inches) attach the nozzle as if you were attaching a regular coupler. From there, fill up your bag. The nozzle is great at holding back any batter until you give the bag a squeeze which means you can fill it knowing it’s not going to spill everywhere. Because of the nozzle, it also means there is virtually no mess on your cupcake pan or even the sides of the patty case. I found the Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser really quick to use (so long as you used a big enough piping bag and didn’t have to refill half way…). The downside is, it doesn’t measure how much batter is going in each cupcake patty case so it is still up to you and your trusty eyes to make sure they are all even. Just make sure you let the batter settle for a few minutes so you can see any obvious discrepancies in batter distribution. 

This brings me to the Wilton Scoop It Batter Spoons. Each set comes with a mini, standard and jumbo scoop so your sorted for any type of cupcake you want to bake. The scoops work really well at actually measuring how much batter goes in each patty case. When I first tried this scoop on standard patty cases and using the standard scoop, I used a teaspoon to make sure I got all of the batter out of the spoon. For me, and the types of cases I was using it was overfilling them. I then altered my tactic by allowing it to simply pour in and if there was any left in the scoop then so what. This worked out much better but took a little longer. Another great feature is the rubber almost “spatula-like lip” to the scoop which made it easy to get every last bit of batter from the bowl. The downside to the scoop was it was a little messier than the Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser and I had to do some tidy up work before popping the cupcakes in the oven. The results though, really even distribution of batter!


I enjoyed using both of these tools and both have their place. If you want speed and less mess then definitely go for the Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser (plus disposable piping bags) and if you want accuracy and flexibility then the three sizes of cupcake scoops are your new friend!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post below, and if you would like to hear about any other products or topics email me at

Check out these great products discussed in today's blog:

Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser Wilton Scoop It Batter Spoons
$9.95 $12.95
Perfect fill batter dispenser gives you the ultimate control over your cupcake batter.  Avoid spillages on your cupcake patty cases and the pan.  Easily to use and clean.  Piping bags not included.

Fills jumbo, standard and mini baking cups to 2/3 full every time!

These handy batter spoons are perfect for filling baking cups.  Simply fill better to the top of the spoon for even cupcakes every time.  Also great for muffins and pancake batter!


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