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The secret to red, black and brown fondant!

Vanessa Meloy

Do you hate it when you use red, black or brown food colouring and it makes your fondant sticky? The sheer quantity of colour you need to add to get vibrant results can turn your fondant to an unworkable mess!

One trick is to ensure you only use a top quality gel or paste.  I found great tutorial on YouTube from The Gourmet Cupcake Company is Essex which shows you step by step how to add it.  Word of caution - even a good quality Red gel can go sticky if you add too much. 

Another trick is to use pre-coloured fondants! We have just received these great little Fondarific tubs in and their only $5.95 each - That's only 50c more than a gel colour and you don't need to fluff around (and get the gel colour all over your hands)! Use them as is or add them to white fondant to lighten.  Even mix it with another colour to make your own new colours!  We also have larger Bakels packs available if the small Fondarific tub isn't enough.


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