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1 Delicious Mud Cake Mix 5 Ways!

Vanessa Meloy

Since we launched our new premium Bakels cake mixes last month they have become some of our favourite products!

But this amazing cake mix can be many things, and here is what we are making with the Mississippi Mud cake mix (also available in white mud, red velvet and sponge cake, but we'll come back to these!)...


Classic Mud Cake






For those who haven’t grabbed one yet, we love it because it uses just a couple of standard home ingredients (oil, water, eggs and chocolate melts), so you can always be sure you’ll have enough in the pantry to make your cake.  Just follow the simple instructions on the pack!  Top with Bakels ready-made ganache and you have yourself a devilish chocolate mud cake.  Keep it as is, or you can also cover with fondant to make your next celebration cake.





Chocolate Brownie Slice

This great packet mix also makes delicious chocolate brownies!  Here's the recipe...






  • Bakels Mud Cake Mix (1 kg)
  • Egg (116 g)
  • Water (166 g)
  • Walnuts (166 g)

Here's how to do it:

  1. Blend all ingredients together on slow speed for 1 minute
  2. Mix on slow speed for further 2 minutes
  3. Spread on papered tray
  4. Oven temperature 190°C (time depends on size of the tin so check frequently)
  5. Ice with chocolate fudge icing and sprinkle with chopped nuts


Black Forest Cake

Make the cake as per the packet instructions.  It is important to cool this cake in the fridge overnight so it is easier to handle and you can cut it into as many layers as you can (preferably 4). 

Run your knife through a jar of pitted cherries.  Stir a tablespoon of Tylose in and allow to congeal (and for the powder to go transparent – approx. 30-45 minutes).

On each layer of cake, add some fresh whipped cream, topped with pitted cherry mix.  Add the next layer and repeat.  On the top layer just add fresh cream!

Cover the entire cake with the rest of the fresh cream and pipe some ruffles on top. Add some whole cherries on top for decoration.  Crush some Cadbury flakes in a bowl and carefully press them against all sides.

There you go, super easy, extra delicious black forest cake!  Because of the fresh cream, ensure you keep it in the fridge until you are serving.



This premium cake mix is also the perfect base for your next batch of cupcakes.  Because it is a mud cake and the batter is quite loose we recommend using the Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser as it will help you get nice even cupcakes every time without a huge mess. 

From there you can make these beauties into anything you want to!  Or, freeze them for super convenient quick grab cakes. 


Chocolate Peppermint Slice

Check out this oh so delicious chocolate peppermint slice!...


  • Bakels Mud Cake Mix
  • Water
  • Cake Margarine – Medium Grade
  • Melted chocolate

 All you need to do is:

  1. Place all ingredients in mixing bowl
  2. Blend on low speed for 1 minute
  3. Scrape down
  4. Continue to mix on low speed for a further 2 minutes
  5. Spread on papered tray
  6. Bake at oven temperature 190°C
  7. Allow to completely cool
  8. Add desired levels of peppermint essence into approximately 1.2kg of Pettinince RTR Icing
  9. Roll out to approximately tray size and place on slice
  10. Allow icing to set/form skin
  11. Pour on approximately 400 g of Bakels Chocolate Ganache
  12. Allow to set and then cut to size


Bet you didn't think 1 packet mix could be so versatile!  Truth is, it is much more than that.  There are actually heaps more recipes that can be made with this premium packet mix!  Check out the Bakels website for these and other amazing recipes...


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